Missing Contact Names in Address List


Brian Canterbury


I had a user with a .pst file that exceeded 2GB in size.
Fortunately, I had applied the patch to Outlook 2K that
prevented the .pst from corruption. I learned about the
problem because the user was not able to download his
new mail items.

My first thought was to archive some of this user's data
to an archive file. When I tried this, the archive
operation failed "Couldn't access the .pst file." Next I
tried just deleting some data from the .pst but I got the
same result;"Couldn't access the .pst file."

I ran Scanpst.exe and repaired errors, but I was still
unable to reduce the size of the .pst after this
operation. Figuring that I was out of options, I ran
the .pst file cropping tool that microsoft provides for
download and cropped the file below the 2GB limit. I
then ran scanpst.exe against the cropped file and
repaired errors.

When I launched outlook, I opened the new, cropped .pst
file and was able to successfully delete about 900 MB
worth of spam and unneeded deleted items from the file.
This made the .pst file about 1.2 GB. I was browsing
through the contacts, and noticed that some contact
records had been lost. At this point there were contact
names appearing in the address card view of the contact
list (in other words, if the contact name was "Joe Blow",
I could see the words "Joe Blow" printed on the top of
the address card in Outlook).

The user was concerned about the contact records that
were lost when the .pst file was cropped. Since the user
used a Palm Handheld and he had recently synchronized his
contact records, I thought that the best option was to
configure the Hot Synch software to simply overwrite the
Outlook contact records with the Palm Contact Records.
When I did this, the operation completed successfully. I
opened Outlook contacts and viewed the address cards.
Now all of the names do not appear at the top of the
address cards. For example, if a contact name is "Joe
Blow", the top of his address card is just a grey blank
(Where previously it read "Blow, Joe". I can still open
the contact record and verify that all of the information
is there, but this problem is unacceptable to the user
and I must find a fix. If you've read this far, perhaps
you've got the answer for me. It would be greatly

Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

I don't know if it will help, but have you tried running scanpst.exe again
since the sync operation? If not, try it again, and make sure you let the
program back up the .PST file before it repairs anything.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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