Mirroring in Windows 2000 with Windows Backup software



I want to use Windows Backup software to Backup the data and mirror the data
to second hard drive.

1. Does Windows 2000 built in software Backup utility allows systems
administrators to mirror hard drive to second hard dirve.
2. Does Windows 2000 Server resource kit have any tools to mirror the data
onto a second hard dirve.



Bjorn Landemoo


The purpose of a mirror is not to back up data, it is to reduce or
eliminate downtime in case of disk hardware failure. A backup solution is
still needed, in order to safeguard against theft, virus, file system
corruption, accidental deletion and so on.

To answer your questions:

1) You can back up your entire hard disk to tape, or another hard disk, by
using the built in backup software. You will of course need to perform a
restore operation if you - for some reason - need to get data back.

2) You can create a software mirror by the tools included in Win2000 if you
use a Server version. This option is not included in Win2000 Pro. An option
available to both Server and Pro versions is to use a hardware mirroring

Best regards


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