Migration From Notes To Exchange




We are in the process of migrating from Lotus Notes
(Domino) to Exchange 2000.

The migration utility that comes with Exchange works well
on the Server Side to export the Lotus mail database
(including Calendar/Task information) and then import into
the exchange mail store.

I'm sure other's that have done this have experienced this
as an issue and the issue is, how would one go about
migrating the Lotus user's Personal Address Book
(names.nsf)??? This database is stored locally with the
Notes Client.

I presume that if field mappings are compared between the
Notes Personal Address Book and the Outlook PAB, there are

Is it simple enough to export the Notes Personal Address
Book to a flat text file (.csv), re-write the field
headers, then import back into Outlook?

What utilities are available or would someone recommend?


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