Migrating local users/groups to AD



I'm looking for the best tool or method to migrate local
users and groups off a win2k member server into my Active
Directory. The member server is already a member of my AD
domain. Unfortunately the Active Directory Migration Tool
will only migrate Domain users/groups, not local

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Simon Geary

The SID's will be different between the local groups and the domain groups
hence they cannot be migrated. You will need to manually create the local
users and groups in AD.


Thanks. Is that because local groups use a different SID
format than domain groups? Is there no utility that can re-
create the users/groups in AD (with a new SID if required)
while maintaing the user to group memberships and
associated file rights (to files on the member server)?

Simon Geary

ADMT and ClonePrincipal can be used to do this when moving users between
domains but I can't think of a way to do this when moving users from local
to domain.
Even if there was a tool that could do this I wonder how useful it would be
anyway. By definition, a local user is not going to have any rights on the
domain so there will be no rights to transfer.

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