migrating from Mac Entourage to XP outlook?


Stefan Hartweg

Hi all,

I am currently using Entourage as my e-mail client on a Powerbook running OS
I will have to move all my data from the Mac to a Windows XP based laptop
shortly. While most of my documents (word, pdf, etc) does not pose a
problem, I have been unsuccessfully trying for the last few days to find any
information on how to get my emails, contacts, rules, etc. from Entourage
into Outlook on Windows XP.
The only information I could find on this topic so far is a short and
disappointing 'not possible.
Since both Entourage and Outlook are Microsoft products I am still hoping to
find a more satisfying answer to the problem.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. my apologies for cross-posting to both Mac and Windows related groups.
I am not quite sure whether the Mac users or the Windows users have more
experience with this one :)




Export your messages to a tab-delimited text file. This file can be imported
into Outlook as well.

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