Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration (Management Console inwindows control panel) only with SD

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we update our client-server application to framework 2.0!
We converted the setup and deployed the framework 2.0 with the setup
using the vs2005 prerequesites.

On a testcomputer (windows 2000 prof) the framework 2.0 seemed to
install fine before the setup of the application but now i miss there in
the control panel the entry "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration"
there is only the "Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration" and the
"Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Wizzard"!!!!!

We looked on the development computer and there is "Microsoft .NET
Framework 2.0 Configuration" but this points on "C:\Programme\Microsoft
Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin\mscorcfg.msc"!!!?

The 1.1 points on C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\mscorcfg.msc

Is this a bug??????????????????????????????????
Is this "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration" only available for
systems where vs2005 and/or SDK is installed?

Thanks, Roland




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