Microsoft Life Cam - Need help using it


Wayne Kees

I just installed and set up a Microsoft Life Cam. Completed setup and all
works OK onmy computer.
I sign onto Live Messenger(hotmail account) but don't know what to do at
this point to initialize the Web Cam to call & converse with my contact.

Question: Does the contact have to be online to call on a Live Cam? The
computer calling icon/feature at top of Messenger doesn't show up when they
are not online?? If they are online, will the icon then allow me to start a
video call on my Life Cam?

I'm new at this so would appreciate any help anyone can give me (even though
the question may seem simple to others). Thanks in advance.




Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

Well based on experience with my Logitech QuickCam, to start using Live
Messenger for Video and Audio, a setup wizard was launched when I clicked
the Start or Stop a video call button on the contacts converstation windows.

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