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friends , I have gateway laptop with windows vista home premium got
recently.I just started using it for live chattiing and got a mic.But the
computer would not detect it. I used 2 different headsets with earphone and
mic together and I can hear but mic is not detected. I checked with msn msgr
audio toolls. I went to control panel /sounds/ it would show the laptop
speakers but would not show any microphone. currently i HAVE A GIGAWARE
HEADSET ATTACHED.During chatting also I can hear and see webcam pics my my
sound is not detectable?i am using 8.1 windows live msngr.


I'm having this same problem

You can see what you are replying to - and you SHOULD HAVE NOTICED
THAT IT WAS POSTED ALMOST 8 MONTHS AGO - but no one else can without
visiting Vistaheads.

Describe your problem in detail, and tell what you've tried in the way
of attempting to fix it.

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