Micron M600 M.2 SATA SSD


Feb 23, 2002
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TheSSDReview check out the 250GB Micron M600 M.2 SATA solid state drive:

M.2 SSDs are starting to gain traction. The Samsung XP941 is starting to become more available and Plextor won Best of Show with their M6e at FMS this year. Both LiteOn and Hynix displayed some 1TB M.2 SSDs and LSI showed off some M.2 reference designs with their latest SF37000 controller. However, these larger capacity products aren’t going to be on the market for a while. Kingston had recently released their SM2280S3 M.2 SATA SSD in 120GB back in June for system builder applications, but it wasn’t until recently that it became available in 240GB capacity.

When it comes to higher capacities for enterprise application, there aren’t many options besides Micron with their M500 and M550 M.2 drives. And now, Micron continues to expand their product portfolio with their just released M600. Typically, Micron’s client drives were developed along-side the drives sold by their subsidiary, Crucial. This time around, the M600 has been developed separately from Crucial’s newest drive and has a new feature its brother does not, dynamic write acceleration.


Read the review here:


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