meta tags and keywords



how can one tell what the meta tags are to their site. Nobody knows
who/what/when the site was orignially created and there was no management of
keeping files in-house. Also, can one figure out the keyword list?

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Kevin Spencer

The Meta tags to my site are meta tags. I'm sorry to hear about your lack of
recognition regarding the who/what/when this site was created.

Finally, what keyword list would you like me to figure out for you?

Oh, yeah. What the heck are you asking?


Kevin Spencer
Microsoft MVP
..Net Developer
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Hi, Jen~

The meta tags don't really have anything to do with the who/what/when part -
unless someone manually typed that info in. To read the meta tags, simply
preview the <head> section in the html/code view - you can modify there, too.


Thomas A. Rowe

View the site in a browser, then do a view source any look for the following tag in the head section
of the page:

If you are taking, then a description and keywords have not been defined.
However this hasn't appear to have hurt you, in that Google has a good number of the site's pages

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
WEBMASTER Resources(tm)

FrontPage Resources, WebCircle, MS KB Quick Links, etc.


Hi again, Jen~

I viewed the source of your index page and there ARE no META tags for
description or keywords (or anything else, for that matter). It appears the
original site creator(s) and anyone making modifications afterward simply did
not bother to put them in place. Also, I noticed the site was built
originally in Dreamweaver.





Yes, and not very well, either -

<style type="text/css">
..style1 {color: #000000}

<td bgcolor="#C6D5C6">

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