message encryption



Apparently I do not understand message encryption and
signing in Outlook.

I'm running Outlook 2003 under WinXP Pro. I have a
digital ID obtained from Verisign, its valid through
March 18, 2004. The name on the ID is my name, and the e-
mail address on the ID is my default work e-mail address
([email protected]).

In Outlook | Tools | Options | Security, the "Security
Settings Name" is set to "Standard Security," and that is
the only entry in the drop-down list.

When I click "Settings," the "Change Security Settings"
page opens; the formate is set to "S/MIME,"
both "Default" checkboxes are checked and in
the "Certificate and Algorithms" section, both
the "Signing Certificate" and the "Encryption
Certificate" show the friendly name I've assigned to the
Verisign ID, although the name is grayed-out. If I click
the "Choose . . ." button and reselct the Verisign ID, no
change, same friendly name, same grayed-out.

Everything looks good, but when I try to send a signed or
encrypted message I get the following error
message: "Microsoft Office Outlook could not sign or
encrypt this message because you have no certificate
which can be used to send from the e-mail
address '(e-mail address removed)'"

That's the address in the Verisign ID!

What gives?

TIA---David Rowell

Tedd Riggs

But there are not listed the same. One has lower case, the other has some
uppercase letters. Try it with the exact same as listed in your certicate
and it should work fine. Mine will do the same if I have a slightly
different letter set for the emails.

David Rowell

Good suggestion but didn't work; I tried conforming the
two names using the keyboard and, when that didn't work,
even "^C" copied the e-mail name from the certificat
details page; That didn't work either, same message (no
certificate for (e-mail address removed)).

Any other ideas?


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