Message about File Already Existing When Saving


Charles Allen

Here's the scenario.
1. Start a new document in Excel 2007.
2. The titlebar shows the name as book1.xlsx (or book2 or book3, etc.)
3. Click Save
4. Message appears that says "A file named 'book1.xlsx' already exists in
this location." (Replace the 1 with whatever the name of the workbook is.)

Why is this message appearing? I'm sure I did something but I can't find
this message documented and I'm sure I did something to cause it.

Thank you



Dave Peterson

First, if you start a new workbook in excel, you should not see any extension
for the file in the title bar.

Second, check to see if you have a file with that name in that folder.

Third, if you've checked and don't have any files with that name, maybe you have
a "helpful" event macro that's doing something bad.

I'd look for misbehaving macros.

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