Adding a file to xlstart folder.



How do I add a file to the xlstart folder? I am using Excel 2007 and Windows
Vista. I am logged in as the administrator, but when I try to save the file
to the xlstart folder, I receive a "You don't have the permission to save in
this location" message. I'm trying to save the file as Book1, but Book1.xlsx
appears in the Save As box. Since the folder indicates that it's empty, I
don't know where my start up file is located.



Gord Dibben

Excel's Book1 is just the default new workbook.

It is not in any folder. It is built into Excel application.

Why do you want a Book1 in your XLSTART folder?

Do you want to customize the default New Workbook?

Save a customized workbook as Template BOOK.xltx and store in your XLSTART

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

Why you have no permission to save there is a function of Windows Vista, not

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Thank you for your quick response. I was trying to find the XLSTART folder
by using the drop-down menus and going through Programs. When I actually
typed-in the path that you recommended, it worked. This works fine when I
open Excel, however, when I open an existing Excel file (such as one that's
on my desktop), I get that file plus Book 1. Is there a way to open a file
without getting Book 1 also?
Thanks again,



Gord Dibben

Append a /e to your Excel startup command to prevent Book1 from opening.

Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Folder Options>File Types

If using WinXP OS you would scroll down to .XLS then "Advanced">Open>Edit.

In Command line the path should be similar to this....


You must have the double quotes and the <space>/e prevents a new blank book
from opening.

Below have "use DDE" checked and this in the DDE message box....[open("%1")]

Application should read "Excel"(no quotes)


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