Merging Cells and Sorting



Is there a way to get around problems with sorting merged cells?
I have a spreadsheet that contains some rows with merged cells, which
doesn't allow me to sort the rows (ascending) using an autofilter. Is there
some other way that I can split the cells so that I will be able to sort the
rows? Or is there any way to lock 2 rows together so that they will be
recognized as one? I would just input the data on a second line in the cell,
but the cells have conditional formatting which I'd to keep. I'm wondering
what other people are doing when they encounter this problem (a pop-up comes
up saying that the merged cells need to be the same size....or something
along that line).



Gord Dibben

Most people who have worked with Excel for a while have found out that
merged cells are about as useful as a baseball bat at a gunfight.

Conditional formatting should not be hampered by adding a linefeed in a cell
with Alt + Enter.

But not having seen your CF rules.......hard to say.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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