Merged Cell Sorting


Randy Rich

I'm working with a table that tracks my activities and projects each week.
My supervisor asked me to add in at the bottom a list of meetings I've held
with the various groups I support. The report I'm updating tracks about 10
columns. I need twelve for the months and a 13th for the departments name.

Being cleaver, I added the columns I needed, then merged the cells to make
the appearance the same as before, but with the ability to add my meeting
tracking below. I have verified that all the rows in Excel are the same,
each with the same merged cells. But now, I cannot sort! I'm advised that
the "operation requries the merged cells to be identically sized." Even if I
only select two rows, I get the same message. I promise they are the same
size! In every respect! The only way I can sort now is to unmerge all the
cells, then sort, then remerge. This just can't be right. Does anyone have
an idea about what I'm overlooking or why I'm so challenged? I'd sure
appreciate the help!


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