Merging (and then syncing to phone) shared calendar into main cale



I have seen this question asked in a couple different ways, and typically
people were being directed to ActiveSync or Vista's Sync Center (but I will
be darned if you can get your phone to merge two calendars; they need to be

I am using Outlook 2007 and Connector 12.0, if it matters. I am one of
several salespeople that are experimenting with using a shared Live Calendar
with other salespeople. I know that from Outlook you can view, and even
overlay this shared calendar over your main calendar, but is there a way to
automatically import or merge the shared calendar events into your main
calendar? (The goal being that they will then be on your phone, too, when you
sync your phone to the PC.)

Incidentally, I was playing around with having the shared calendar belong to
an unmanned email account, so that when you set up an appointment, you could
send an invite to that account. Unfortunately, or apparently, Hotmail
accounts can not be set up to automatically accept invitations (like you can
in Outlook), so the event never makes it onto the unmanned Hotlook account's
calendar (without user intervention).

As you may know, using the "copy to folder" feature to copy an event to
another calendar works ONLY as long as the event never gets rescheduled;
copied events do not follow the original event.

I have thought about "hosting" this calendar in Outlook, perhaps as a
Connector account, and setting it up to automatically accept appointment
invites, and then sharing the calendar with the other salespeople. Then, when
other salespeople schedule an event on their calendar that they want to
appear on the group calendar, they will send an invite to the group calendar
account (so it appears on their calendar and the group calendar).

But, is there a cleaner way of doing this? This seems like a bit of a "rig".

Thank you!!



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

There is not a method to merge the calendar, short of moving the items

Hosting the calendar in outlook is about the cleanest you'll get, assuming
you keep outlook open 24/7. But if sharing calendars is important I would
not count on a free hotmail calendar - see for utilities you can install

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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