Merge 2003 and 2007 PST Files?


Gary Phillips

My client bought a new computer and installed Office/Outllook 2007. Their old
computer had Office/Outllook 2003 on it. How can I merge the pst files from
both computers onto the new computer?

The old computer with Outlook 2003 has dozens of personal folders with
thousands of messages. Since they do not leave messages on the server, the
new computer has no personal folders yet but about 100 new messages came into
the inbox. These new messages are not on the old computer because of a time
delay in setting up the new computer while the old computer was dissconnected.
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Depends whether you / client wants to continue using the 2003 pst as the
default, thereby retaining any rules settings etc, and copy new msgs to the
old pst (2003 /07 formats are the same)
Copy old data files (pst's) to Documents folder of new PC (With outlook
Use 2007 Outlook data management to add this data file
1) in data management set it as default
2) open outlook, you will have two sets of Personal folders (Folders Tree
view), the original old set and the new set containing recent mail
3) copy, drag & drop, recent mail to appropriate folders on the 'old' set
4) close the 'new' set, leaving origonal/old
Or if you want to start off afresh
1) as before copy data files to Documents folder open Outlook, import data -
NB you will lose any origonal rules & settings (from the 2003 data file)

PS I think rather than "dozens of personal folders with" I thnk you mean a,
'Personal Folder with dozens of folders'

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