Memory leak: iexplore.exe process




Every time I go to a web site, the iexplore.exe process
gets larger and larger in file size, sometimes reaching
200 MB.

I have the Alexa toolbar installed and I think that is
the cuplrit, although I would rather not uninstall it as
it is useful.

I believe this is the problem, or if not, then perhaps it
is the pop-up windows on the web sites I visit? I am a
webmaster and visit quite a number of sites.

The Alexa toolbar is the only "spyware" on my computer as
per AdAware and Pest Patrol.

I have resorted to closing the browser when my total PF
usage get to about 450MB (combined across all processes)
then using Task Manager to close down iexplore.exe which
remains active even though the IE application has been

Any one have any information that they can add to that

Much obliged,


PS: I use IE 6.0 on Windows XP Pro


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