Membership database problems


Michael Lang

Hi there,

I have a web application that works fine on my local dev machine. However
I'm having less success on my hosting environment.

When I detach the database for this site, copy it to my hosting environment
and attach it through their interface, I can connect to the database in my
hosting environment through the SQL Management studio, see all stored procs,
functions, tables, and the data in the tables I had entered on my local dev
machine. It looks like it should be all good.

However when I attempt to programmatically access members and roles it's
like the data in the tables isn't there

i.e. going through the ASP.NET membership api for example
Membership.GetAllUsers().Count and Roles.GetAllRoles().Length return 0 and
attempting to login under any of the existing accounts fails.

I've checked the SQL User I'm using to connect to the database and it does
have all the aspnet_Membership roles selected. I've checked that it is
connecting to my database (if I change the connection string I get
sqlexception login failure).

Any suggestions?





Kevin Spencer

Did you change the application name in the database when you moved it?


Kevin Spencer
Microsoft MVP

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FTP Client Classes, Enhanced Data Controls, much more.
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Michael Lang

I didn't, change it. But I never specified it. Thanks for the clue... it
lead to this post from Scott gu...

As I never specified the applicationName in the config it defaulted to the
vroot path of my dev application which of course is different to the vroot
on my hosting environment.

Solution: I added the applicationName attribute for my membership and
roleprovider and now it's all good.




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