Meeting Requests Problem



Hi There,

We recently have had an issue where user a sends a meeting request to user b
which they receive fine. However user c and d receive the meeting request
aswell eveny though it was wasn't set to them. I beifiely was aware that
there was an similar issue with delegation but from what i can tell it isn't
set up. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

Patrick Reed

What version of Outlook are we dealing with? I'm assuming you're connecting
to an Exchange Server...

Just to verify the Delegate settings, from user B's main Outlook Window,
select Tools | Options | Delegates. Verify nothing is listed there.

We're still on user B's Outlook Window...

Check Tools | Rules and Alerts... Are there rules listed there? Select
Options and export the rules to a file (so we have a backup). Now, close
Outlook. Check Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del or right-click the Windows
Taskbar) to ensure no instances of Outlook.exe are listed on the Processes
tab. Select Start | Run, and enter outlook.exe /cleanrules (note the
space before the"/"). Once Outlook starts, check to see if it behaves any
differently. This switch should have removed all the client and server rules
from user B's mailbox. You can bring them back by going back into Rules and
Alerts... | Options | Import, and then select the RWZ file you created when
you exported them.

Failing that, the Exchange Admin can check user B's mailbox properties to
see if mail forwarding is enabled for them. Of course, that should mean all
messages are going to users C and D, and not just meeting requests.

A few other thoughts, although they are long-shots:
- Is it possible there is a distribution list in the address book (or in
the address book(s) of certain folks who are creating the meeting requests)
that matches or closely resembles user B's name? It's possible these meeting
requests are being inadvertantly sent to the DL rather than the individual.
- Are any additional attendees or resources included in the meeting
requests to user B? Maybe a conference room or something routinely included
as a resource or optional attendee? It's possible users C and D are
delegated to another calandar/mailbox that is getting added to the requests.

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