media player will play music cd but not dvd



I'm having a wierd problem where windows media player will not
recognize/play DVD's lately, but plays music cd's just fine. During
troubleshooting I tried the following:

<Open My Computer.
Right-click the icon for your CD or DVD drive, choose Properties, and then
click the AutoPlay tab >

The problem starts here:

<In the list at the top of the dialog box, select a content type>
I select DVD Movie and under actions I have a blank dialog box - no options
to select.

The next tab <hardware> see's both my dvd read only drive (LITE-ON) and my
dvd rw drive (NEC).

Windows Explorer sees the dvd in the drive but media player as well as any
of the dvd burners I've been trying lately won't see the dvd. Maybe
installing and uninstalling varios dvd burning software (evaluating them)
screwed it up because it used to work.

I tried deleting and re-adding the devices, no difference

How can I get this back to normal ?




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