Media Player 9 hangs when streaming MPEGs



--I posted this problem to the video NG on 8/26/03 but
only received replies from people echoing the same
problem-- Hope there is an answer here--

Please help
Windows media player just hangs when I click a link for an
MPEG file. The problem seems limited to just MPEGs and
only to streaming. I did not have this problem when my
system was new. It developed at some point after meny
software and codec downloads.

I've done the following to troubleshoot:
1. used article 316992 in Microsoft knowledge base to
test all supported Media Player file formates - only MPEG
layer 1 and 3 won't stream. All others stream fine.
2. Right click to Save target file to HD then play -
MPEGS play this way so it' not a codec issue.
3. Ran MPlayer 2 and used a shortcut for an MPEG file
from the above article in the open file box. - Mplayer 2
buffered the entire file then played it.
4. Uninstalled/Reinstalled with add/rempve programs

Im running Windows XP home on a 2.53 Pentium Gateway with
an ATI 9700 pro and Sound Blaster Audigy.
The network settings in Mplayer 9 are set with all 4
streaming protocols enabled (UDP using ports 7000-7007)
and streaming proxy set to autodetect for HTTP, MMS and
Thanks in advance - John



Try uninstalling all codecs and reboot. Then install the
Ace Codec Pack (search on Google) and reboot again.

If Ace doesn't solve the issue, uninstall, reboot, install
Nemo's Codec Pack (search on Google) and reboot.

One of those codecs should resolve the issue.

One other question: Does WMP9 ever give a codec error
while loading?

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