Me again .... so what version is this trial?


Mike Brannigan [MSFT]

UKuser said:

Can you tell me if the trial with this book is the 64 or 32 bit version
of XP Pro. It appears to be March 2005 date which would make it
extremely new if it was.




Since we have not shipped the x64 version of Windows XP and the IA-64
version has been withdrawn then you should be able to conclude that the 120
day trail version on the CD is a regular Window XP Professional with SP2.
You could have also found this out if you have looked at any reputable PC
book store such as

Also your question is not relevant to this group which is an old dead groups
as Windows XP is no longer in Beta and the x64 preview program has its own



Mike Brannigan [Microsoft]

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