mdb v. adp inquiry



Hello. I am familiar with the mdb and the splitting of the database for
multi users. What is being looked at now is to use sql 2005 express as the
backend and access 2003 as the front end. I have a few questions regarding
this as I have never gone beyond doing access and then splitting it.
Is is possible to keep the file as a mdb and link sql express? If so, how
is that done (or point me to documentation explaining it)? Does it need to
be an adp? How would the connection string be written (or point me to
Any assistance is appreciated.
Thank you.... John

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You can use an MDB to connect to SQL-Server (any version). You can also use
ADO or DAO. Microsoft's latest defaults for Access 2007 suggest using an
MDB. As for connection strings, a typical connection string for ADO might

Dim strConnect As String

strConnect = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=ServerName;" & _
"Initial Catalog=DatabaseName;" & _
"User ID=UserName;password=Password"

Or you can simply create an ODBC connection and link the tables. Create the
ODBC connection by going to the control panel ... administrative tools and
following the steps in the ODBC applet.

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