Maximum number of concurrent users in Access 97




I would like to know what is the maximum number of
concurrent users one should allow an Access 97 application.


david epsom dot com dot au

Access uses a shared datafile.

On your network, now many users can share a file?


Scott McDaniel

That's a trick question <grin> ... the max is 255 users, but you'll run out
of steam long before you get there. Most people say the "wall" is around
20 - 25, but there are plenty of Access applications out there running with
far more users than that. There are a LOT of things you must cover to get up
that high (unbound forms, VERY good network hardware, etc etc), but it can
be done. I've seen apps fall over with 3 users, if they weren't well
designed. Google on the obvious keywords, check out Tony Toews site (google
on his name) for a great collection of info on multiuser issues.

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