Max; Min & Dates



My spreadsheet has dates in Column A and data in columns B-S all relating to
shipments. Column P contains weights. What I am trying to do get Max & Min
for specific time frames. The Max formula
=MAX(--(MONTH(A$3:A$88)=1)*P$3:p$88) using CSE seems to work but the Min
returns blanks. Data exists in rows 3 - 30 only. I am keeping the
spreadsheet open as I add at least three shipments per week. Any suggestions?



מיכ×ל (מיקי) ×בידן

The principal is shown in the attached picture.
*** These are array formula, and are to be confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
rather than with simply ENTER.
The curly brackets {} are not to be typed manually, those are entered by the
“Excelâ€, when the formula is entered as an Array formula.

מיכ×ל (מיקי) ×בידן

The MIN Formula can also be:

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