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I am trying to get a min and a max value in column C for the various
Registrations in column B in a spreadsheet - Excel 2003. ie trying to get the
first and last kilometer reading of the month per vehicle. Please can you help

1 1/5/08 JWY467GP 10000 1000

2 5/5/08 PTS030GP 5000 500
3 6/5/08 MVT537GP 2000 250
4 7/5/08 JWY467GP 12000 1000
5 10/5/08 PTS030GP 6000 500
6 12/05/08 MVT537GP 2500 250


Use F1, say, to enter the month you are interested in (as a number 1
to 12), and list your registration numbers in column F starting with
F2. Then in G2 you can put this array* formula to get the maximum:


and this one in H2 to get the minimum:


I have assumed that you have up to 100 rows of data - adjust if you
have more.

*Array formulae need to be committed using the key combination of CTRL-
SHIFT-ENTER (CSE) rather than the usual ENTER. If you do this
correctly then Excel will wrap curly braces { } around the formula
when viewed in the formula bar - you should not type these yourself.
If you amend the formula you must use CSE again.

However, you can use the normal copy/paste operation to copy G2:H2
down to cover the number of vehicles you have.

Change the number in F1 to choose a different month.

Hope this helps.



Hi Pete

Thank you for your help, the adding F1 Month will certainly help.



Good Day

I am currently using the below formula for min and max value by month(). I
would like to go a step further now and recover the min and max value between
2 date values. ie. diesel used between January to April

Appreciate the help

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