Max Connections



I am running XP Pro sp1 as a print server. I have a
computer lab with 30 computers...if I open the properties
of the lab printer (installed on the XP print server) on
10 computers the 11th is unable to connect and gives me
the error "The print spooler is not started." I am ssuming
XP defaults to 10 concurrent connections? Or is it the XP
print spooler? Anyway, can I up the max concurrent
connections number? I know I can do this in the registry
for XP IIS but I am not running IIS on this machine. I
have about 25 printers installed on this XP print server
and it also runs as a router between subnets, I have never
had a too many connections problem until I noticed this
back in the computer lab when trying to open the
properties more than 10 times for the lab printer. Thanks
a lot.

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