Master slide - non-bulleted and bulleted text



I am creating a POT template, using the default template. The default master
slide contains several levels of bulleted text but no text without bullets. I
would like to have the first level of text as non-bulleted, but retain all
the styles for the bulleted text also.

I cannot seem to add non-bulleted text without it affecting the first level
of bulleted text. By default, if I add text before the first bullet, it is
automatically bulleted. When I remove the bullet from the text I added, then
the bullet also gets removed from the first-level bullet and I've lost that
bullet style (filled circle). The first bullet is then the second-level
bullet style (hyphen) instead.

I don't understand how to associate the different styles with the different
levels of indents.

How can I make the first level of text non-bulleted, but retain the bullet
styles for levels 2 and on?


On the master slide

Select first level and set no bullets
Select 2nd level > format >bullets & numbering and change style to normal
bullet if you wish also change text size
View > ruler if you cant see it > select level 2 and with ctrl key down drag
the upper and lower indents as required (I suggest upper > 0 and lower to 0.5
Hope that helps


Thanks for your fast response -- That did solve it, but I had to manually
change the bullet style for all subsequent levels as well.

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