Master and subdocuemnts in Word 2002


John L

I modified an Employee Orientation manual (99+ pages) from a single word
2002 doc with no format controls (new page -> add new lines) into a master
doc and several subdocuments as individual word files. Each subdocument is a
"chapter" with a common theme that makes it easy to parcel out for revision.
The docs are Word 97-2003 format (I am in Word 2007). This master & sub will
make maintaining much easier for her.

What I found out was that my wife's word version at company is Word 2002.

Question: Does Word 2002 support a Master Document with inserted word files?
If so is the a KB that show how to use them in Word 2002?


Peter T. Daniels

Hopefully you don't actually mean the "Master Document" feature in
Word, which still works so badly that it's ignored even in the
guidebooks published by Microsoft?

If you're building a matrix document with "include file" fields, or
you're doing Insert Text, there should be no problem with 2002 files.
(A .doc is a .doc.)

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