Mapping Network Drive


Joseph Sheng

I had a network drive mapped on a local server to a remote
server before. I disconnected the network drive. Now,
when I try to reestablish that network mapped drive, I get
the following error message.

"the network folder specified is currently mapped use a
different user name and password"

What do I need to do to setup this mapped drive?




so if you right-click my computer and choose disconnect network drive, i
assume you dont see the drive?

open a command prompt and try net use
that will show you drives that are mapped via the command line that might
not show in explorer.
if you see the drive, use net use x: /delete
to delete the X drive

Arild Bakken

In fact, "net use" will show network resources in use that aren't even
mapped to a drive letter, i.e. you type "net use \\server\share" without
specifying a drive letter, and the resource is used (and credentials stored)


Joseph Sheng

After I typed net use, I see my disconnected network
drive info as follows

Status Disconnected
Local (No Drive letter shown)
Remote \\ServerName\IPC$
Network Microsoft Windows Network

Is this why I am getting that error message?
How do I remove it cleanly so I can re-map it?



Joseph Sheng

I typed net use \\myserver\IPC$ as you suggested, I get
the follow info

Local Name (No thing)
Remote Name \\myserver\IPC$
Resource type IPC
Status OK
# Opens 0
# Connections 1

Does this mean that I still have a connection to this
share from my local server machine? If so, how do I
disconnect this connection so i can remap the drive?



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