Mapped network drive connection problem



We have connected 2 workstations together. One has XP Pro and the other has
Windows 2000 installed. We have shared a folder on the XP Pro workstation,
and mapped a drive to it, on the Windows 2000 workstation.

We used the "connect using another name" option, and used the admin username
and password for the XP workstation. Everything connects OK.

When we restart the Windows 2000 workstation, at the point where the mapped
drive reconnection occours, we are always asked for the password. When
entered, it continues perfectly, but we do not want to have to do this each

Is there any reason why we have to do this each time?

We would ideally like to set up a user which does not require to use the
full admin username and password. We have added the "everyone" group to the
shared folder security options on the XP workstation, and also added a
username which we use on the Windows 2000 workstation, but cannot get access
to the folder without using the XP full admin username and password.

We did have the Windows 2000 workstation attached to a Novell server, and
had the Novell client installed. We removed this, but thought I would mention

Does anyone have any ideas?



jeff miller

If you have a username with the same username and password on both machines
you will never get prompted for these credentials. Just make sure you are
logged in with that username on the pc you are connecting from.

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