Mapped drives always marked with Red X



Recently, I had a Win2003 SBS running a small domain. I had to reformat the
server and install Win2K server instead and did not setup the domain. I left
the network as a workgroup. On all my workstations i disconnected the
previous mapped drives to the old domain controller and re-mapped the same
drive letters to the new Win2K server in the new workgroup. My Windows 2000
desktops now always show a red X on the mappings even though i can always
connect to them. My XP desktops had no problems and do not show the red x's
Any ideas?
Is there something that needs to be deleted or re-configured on the Win2K
desktops? On the previous mappings, one drive was assigned through the login
script and the other was just a simple mapping

Any help would be great!!

Steven L Umbach

You might want to post in a Window 2000 networking newsgroup also. I
remember this was a fairly common complaint and may be something that was
fixed in XP/2003. You can also change the security option in Local Security
Policy for amount of idle time before suspending session and setting it to
zero to see if that helps. --- Steve

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