Making Sure "Games For Windows" WORKS IN WINDOWS!!!



OK, OK, I'm a serious gamer, and you might know at Microsoft, it's the Gamers
who throw a lot of money around to stay up to date with the latest toys, be
it consoles or PCs, or even handhelds. But, when you claim a thing like
"Games for Windows" and that Vista will bring the gaming world together, and
that the beginner gamer can look at a box a say "Hey, this needs a 3...I have
a 5!!!" Sorry man...IT's BS, when games have to be installed...then tweaked,
then have bypasses put in, like "Run as Administrator" and so on and so
on....and then not only have NO GAMES FOR DIRECT X 10 AT LAUNCH!! BUT, have
the existing games go from wow to SH*T in one swift stroke. I had Company of
Heroes go from a beutiful all effects on, 1280X1024 resolution, high
a 500+ ping (IN ANY GAME>..EVEN VENTRILO), and I can run the game for more
then 10 minutes with an Error or lock-up. It if this some ploy to
try and keep console players on the consoles or PC gamers to go the
console.....what ever it is.....this is prime reason why Gates got the pie in
the face years ago. Now I'm gonna take my overpriced, buggy POS and stomp
the crap out of it, and go back to the world of working programs and 99.9 FPS
in BF2142 and CS:S at XP world. Where there was nothing wrong....but you
guys had milk another $200 outta the normal man....PLUS $800 for the card to
run DX10. And then not to have it work in a game AT ALL....if bloody sad
man.....people are killed for crap like this in some parts of the world.


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Dale White

Sounds like you have a nvidia card. Can't blame Microsoft for that. And
though I'm a serious gamer as well, I don't fool myself. Vista sales are not
about having games ready on launch day. This isn't a console, Launch games
are not required !

I like many people have played a slew of games off-line and on. I spent most
of my weekend jumping back and forth between BF2142 and BF2, I even played
some CS 1.6 to help trouble for someone and then I installed Warcraft 3 and
played through it a bit. Got a few hours logged under HL2:EP1 and I've
played FEAR (though not on-line)
My Girlfriend just finished playing The Sims Life Stories on her Vista

The run as administrator is a punkbuster requirement and it's there for your
protection. I don't like it, but that's the life in a more secure world.

Sounds like you are one of those people who should have waited 6-9 months
before upgrading, as you don't seem to understand what installing a newly
released OS is about and the headaches that will ensue has people tackle the
learning curve and drivers get fine tuned. Next time, get a 2nd hard drive
and Dual-Boot and save yourself alot of frustration


PISSED said:
OK, OK, I'm a serious gamer,

Says a dumb **** who hasn't learned from the past TWENTY YEARS that
Windows is never as fast as the previous version.

John Harris

I have no idea what you are talking about with COH. I am running a 1.7 GIG
system with 2 G of RAM and a ATI RADEON 1950X Vid Card and COH runs
outstanding on my Vista Home Premium system (installed as an upgrade).

John Harris

What part of the world are people "killed" becasue they can't play a video
game?? Sounds like someone needs to get a life and leave their apartment.

......people are killed for crap like this in some parts of the world.



Paul Smith

PISSED said:
It if this some ploy to
try and keep console players on the consoles or PC gamers to go the
console.....what ever it is.....

Do you believe in other conspiracy theories too?

Paul Smith,
Yeovil, UK.
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.

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Flight Simulator X I believe uses DirectX 10, but I assume you'd need a nV
8800 chipset to take advantage of the new libs.

And in Microsofts defense, Windows XP didn't launch with any DirectX 9
software, so... Guess that means Microsoft doubled their launch lineup for
Vista ;)

Don't be pissed man, ask the questions, find out what's going on and it'll
all be good. I know I wasn't expecting wine and roses by picking up Vista so
soon, but I think people are fooling themselves if they thought Vista would
be perfect and simple. I personally love figuring out the problems and
finding the fixes. If I wanted to just game and do nothing else, I would of
gotten a PS3/Wii/360. Well I did get a Wii. :)




Honestly it was "something I heard", I used to play MS FS on my Atari ST,
and just couldn't get past the urge to crash into the tower over and over

So I stand corrected, and not at all suprised.




Hi there,
I have just bought a new computer as recommende by a computer mag as the
best buy gaming machine, Nvid card 8800GTS, wont let me even start to play
HALO 2 for vista, cant get past the opening credits, upgraded the drivers and
still no joy, it wont even play Halo 1 aftter a certain level about the 3rd
or 4th mission.
So I am in complete agreemet with you.
If anyone can put me right I will stand corrected.


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