Making Drop Down Box Visible with Excel 2003

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it''''''''sh hardy

I have 2 drop down boxes on my spread sheet... People don't see the drop down
box so they just type answers next the cell... How can I make the drop down
arrow visible, and please note I am using Excel 2003



T. Valko

If you use a combo box from the Forms toolbar the drop arrow is always
visible however, a combo box acts a bit differently than a data validation
drop down list. If you use the selected item in formulas then it's slightly
more complicated but simple once you learn how to do it.

Another option is to continue to use the data validation drop down list but
put a border around the cell or use a fill color that makes it stand out.
Maybe put a label in the cell above that says something Pick From List.




if u are creating drop down boxes thru data validation and protecting the
sheet, drop down box will not be available after protecting the sheet.

Option for the same is before entering the password for protection, juse
below where u are entering password, there are so many options under "allow
all users of this worksheet to ", kindly select the "use Autofiler" under the
same and then give the password. now drop down box will be available.

kindly click yes below, if it helps

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