drop downs showing down arrow



I am trying to create a Drop Down tab. I would like to see a cell with an
arrow pointing down, and when I click on that arrow, a list drops down. I
tried creating this drop down through Data, Validation, List. The list I
want is created, but there is no arrow next to the list to show me that this
is actually a drop down cell. Right now you can not see that this cell is a
drop down cell unless if you click on it. So my question is, how can I
create an arrow pointing down in a Data Validation List to inform people that
they can click the cell and select different options. What is selected does
not actually change anything in the excel file, just an indication.

side question... Also, is there a keyboard shortcut for the Format Painter?



Gord Dibben

1. Only the active cell on a worksheet will display a data validation dropdown
arrow. To mark cells that contain data validation lists, you can colour the
cells, or add a comment.

If you require visible arrows for all cells that contain lists, you can use
combo boxes instead of data validation, and those arrows will be visible at all
times. To create a combo box, choose View|Toolbars, and select either the
Control Toolbox or the Forms toolbar

2. Don't think so

If you customize the icon as "Text Only" then Alt + F + F will highlight the
painter but I have no idea how to use it from there without reverting to a mouse

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


In 2003 - In Data/Validation be sure "In-cell dropdown" box is checked for
cell that you want to contain drop down arrow

Gord Dibben

And how will that help to keep the arrow visible when the cell is not selected?



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