Making changes to pages on a live website in Front Page 2003?



I need to make updates & adjustments to the website, add new text etc. I
don't have the original files as the site was not built by me, so I've had to
import the live site into Front Page. I'm a novice with Front Page, and the
book I have is pretty useless - it doesn't say how to make changes to pages
on a site that's already published, all I know is its not a simple
procedure...or is it?

When I use the Help menu, something about 'synchronising' sites keeps coming
up at the top of the list, can't find anything about updating/editing pages.

There are other things I need to do like make sure the site looks the same
in 'preview' as it does in the browser preview i.e. keeping the webpage size
and window sizes the same, how is this done? How do you adjust the size of
the page to make it compatible with the window size, how do I know what size
of webpage should I use??

Somebody please help!!! It's driving me nuts.

Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

You don't Import the site - that doesn't get everything.

You open the site "live" with FP, then Publish it to a location on your
hardrive...assuming your live site had FPSE (Front Page Server Extensions)
enabled and working corrrectly.

The safest way to work is on the local copy then Publish it to the live
server, this way you always have a local copy.

It might never look the same in Preview as it does in Browser Preview
because Preview is just an imitation browser...always use your real browsers
to preview the site.


In addition to Rob's comments -

Always preview in different browsers, and use different browser windows
sizes. Also change the text size to see how that affects the page.
Web Page design is a skill that has to be aquired. A web page is nothing
like a printed page - users can always change the size of the page - browser
window size, users can ALWAYS change the size of the text without changing
the size of images, thus altering the page layout. Dealing with this cannot
be taught, it has to learnt.

To edit a web page is simple - open the website in FrontPage, then double
click on a page to open it. Then edit. When finished, save the page.
When all pages have been edited as required, and TESTED locally in several
browsers (I use IE8, IE8 compatibility mode+, IE6 and FireFox for
everything, and random pages I test in Chrome and Safari [Windows version]),
File->Publish to upload to your server. Apart from opening an existing
page, and testing, all this is in the Help files.

Preview will seldom look the same as FireFox - it does occasionally look the
same as IE, unless the page is built with a standards compliant design which
FrontPage will not do for you. You will have to learn HTML and CSS to bring
this about. is a good place to start.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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