Making an excel sheet so formulas can not be deleted in the sum to



Making an excel sheet so formulas can not be deleted in the sum total yet in
the other cells used to add up to the sum total cell a numer can be added.

I tryed locking only the cells that contain the formula under the Format
Protect tab, but the formula could still be deleted by hitting the space bar
or entering a number.

Once a sheet is protected no numbers can be added into the cells adding up
to the sum total cell.

Not a PC wise person so a answer in easy english is best.



Gord Dibben

By default all cells on a sheet are locked when you protect the sheet.

Best is to select all cells by CTRL + a and unlock all by going to
Format>cells>Protection Tab.

Then select those cells which you want locked(formula cells) and set them to

Now protect the sheet. Users can edit unlocked cells.

See options for allowables when go to Tools>Protect Sheet

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP




Dan, I needed to do the same thing, protect my formulas. I played around a
minute and figured it out...

Go to tools, allow edit... keep choosing all cells you want them to be able
to edit, after you have selected them, protect your whole sheet. They will
only be able to edit the cells you select. Make sure you save it after
protecting the sheet.

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