Time Sum in Excel


Holly Allen

I am trying to sum quarterly totals for webinar sessions. When I download the Excel sheet from the vendor, I received numbers such as 00:00:46, 04:17:47, 01:46:41, etc. When I use the SUM(E8:E122) formula, I get '0' as the result.

I then changed the format for all cells to be custom [hh]:mm:ss, no change in output.

Next, I changed copied a general cell and paste special as ADD to this column. Now my numbers look like 0.000381944. Now my output is 223:06:30. What is this telling me? I know it's not 223 hrs, 6 mins, and 30 secs.

If there is an easier way to download and insert a formula to calculate the time, I would be very grateful for instructions!




Not sure why SUM() doesn't work for you, since entering your 3 example
times in A1:C1, select D1 and clicking the SUM() icon on the Standard
toolbar, I get a total of 6:05:14 without formatting anything.


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