Making a template that puts the current date in the document so thatdoes NOT change



I'd like to make a template that sets up some standard headers and
formatting for new Word documents for a night school course I'm
enrolled in. Among other requirements for all papers is to put the
date the paper was created at the top.

I'd furthermore like it so that if I need to reopen the document after
creating it to say print another copy, the date written at the top
will not change. In other words, when I create a new document using
the template the current date is put near the top, but when I
subsequently open the file for editing or reprinting it does NOT
automatically update the date to the current one, but remains at the
creation date for the file, not the template the file was made from.

Is this possible? I'm primarily using Word 2003 although I'm probably
also going to be starting several documents with Word 2007 by loading
the template from a thumb drive, then trying to finish them a few days
later in Word 2003, and I intend to create the template in Word 2003.

I know how to get the template to create documents that automatically
update the date every time I open the file, how do I get it to do it
only once, when opening the .DOT template so that it does NOT update
when I open the subsequent .DOC file?

Jay Freedman

Correcting a typo -- it should be a CreateDate field.

An additional bit of reassurance: it works identically in Word 2003
and Word 2007.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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The CreateData field should suit your purpose.

I'm unfamiliar with the tool in question. Could you please elaborate
how to accomplish my goal? The first few Google search results were
rather unhelpful.

Terry Farrell

Insert, Field and select CreateDate. CreateDate will show the date the
template has been created, but when you open a new document from the
template, it shows the date the document was created.

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