MainForm Feeding two SubForms from Combo Selection



I am using Access2003.
I have a MainForm that has two subforms.
The first Subform is dependent on a selection
from a ComboBox on the Main form
The Second SubForm is dependent on the first Subform.
Everything works fine under normal cercumstances.

But when I try to use code to add a record to the
Combo Box selections, the subforms don't get
updated for the new selection in the ComboBox until
I close & reopen the form.

To add the NEW record to the combo box, I open a
small form that alows me to add a record and then
when I close that form i requery the combobox.
I've even tried requerying the subforms but that
doesn't work either.
Any ideas?
Thank you

Michel Walsh


We may have a problem of terminology here. The combo box has a list of
items. If your list of items come from a table and you decided to add a
record to the table, and, finally, hope to see the new record you just added
to the table to be visible in the list of the combo box in a form previously
open... then, you need to requery the combo box list, with a statement like:

Me.ComboBoxNameHere.RowSource = Me.ComboBoxNameHere.RowSource

Hoping it may help,
Vanderghast, Access MVP

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