Mailing Labels - Duplicate Addresses



I have created mailing labels using the wizard in Access 2000. If a mailing
address appears more than once in the database (this happens because a Head
Office / Company can have more than 1 branch and generally we just mail shot
the Head Office / Company) then a label is produced for each occurance. Is
there away to get Access to just produce one label per address easily?




Allen Browne

This is a matter of creating the relationships between the head office and
the branches, and then choosing the correct one to mail to. For an example,
People in households and companies

Though less desirable, it would be possible to create a query that selects
records based on just the address fields. In the Properties of the query in
query design, you can choose Unique Values only. Save the query. Then use a
DLookup() expression on the report to get the company name. You will need
some way to distinguish the head office from the branch office, so it picks
the head office where there is a duplicate. This is where it gets messy,
plus the fact that relying on the exact same address fields is not a great

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