Mailing Labels



I want to create mailing labels using labels that are preprinted with my
company's logo and return address. I am having difficulty positioning the
addresses from my database on the label so as not to collide with the
preprinted logo and return address.

Is there a way for me to re-enter the label wizard to make corrections or do
I have to create a new report every time I want to try something different?

Also, I want to put a condition on the length of a line size, of x number of
characters. How can I do so and then have the remaining text continue on the
following lines as slightly indented?



Al Camp

Once a report has been created by the report wizard (labels are just a
report), you can open it in Design Mode, and shift/size (click and drag)
those fields you want to reposition... any way you want.

Regarding the field length.
If you had a long field like Address1 with a possible 50 characters in
length... using Design Mode... you would make the field width on your label
about 40 wide and 1 line high, and then set the Can Grow and Can Shrink
properties of that field to Yes. That will allow the extra characters to go
to another line... but only when needed.
If your Address1 text is less than 40, the field will maintain it's one
line hieghth. It only grows when it has to.
Be aware that fields after Address1 will be shoved down to make space for
the "Grown" field.
Al Camp

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