Mail Multiple Sheets via PDF Q



I'm using Ron De Bruins code to PDF an Excel sheet, it works great
except when I try to PDF more than one sheet it does not extract the
specified sheets at all. I'm getting a little confused, so below is
the code

Sub Mail_PDF()
Dim FileExtStr As String
Dim FileFormatNum As Long
Dim Sourcewb As Workbook
Dim Destwb As Workbook
Dim TempFilePath As String
Dim TempFileName As String
Dim OutApp As Outlook.Application
Dim OutMail As Outlook.MailItem
Dim sh As Worksheet
Dim cell As Range
Dim strbody As String
Dim FilenameStr As String
Dim TempWb As Workbook

Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)

Set Sourcewb = ActiveWorkbook

If Dir(Environ("commonprogramfiles") & "\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE"
& Format(Val(Application.Version), "00") & "\EXP_PDF.DLL") <>
"" Then

Sourcewb.Sheets(Array("SheetA", "SheetB")).Copy
Set TempWb = ActiveWorkbook

On Error Resume Next
ActiveSheet.DrawingObjects.Visible = True
On Error GoTo 0

'Change all cells in the worksheets to values if you want
With TempWb.Sheets(1).UsedRange
.Cells.PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
End With
Application.CutCopyMode = False

For Each cell In ThisWorkbook.Sheets("SheetA") _
If cell.Value Like "?*@?*.?*" Then
strto = strto & cell.Value & ";"
End If
strto = Left(strto, Len(strto) - 1)

FilenameStr = Application.DefaultFilePath & "\" & "Part of " &
Sourcewb.Name & " " & Format(Now, "dd-mmm-yy h-mm") & "~.pdf"

ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat _
Type:=xlTypePDF, _
Filename:=FilenameStr, _
Quality:=xlQualityStandard, _
IncludeDocProperties:=True, _
IgnorePrintAreas:=False, _

'Close the new workbook you create file without saving
TempWb.Close False

Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)

For Each cell In ThisWorkbook.Sheets("SheetA").Range("BF2:BF35")
strbody = strbody & cell.Value & vbNewLine

On Error Resume Next
With OutMail
.To = ""
.CC = ""
.BCC = strto
.Subject =
.Body = strbody
.Attachments.Add Destwb.FullName
.ReadReceiptRequested = True
If Sheets("SheetA").Range("D192").Value > 0 Then
.Importance = 2
.Importance = 1
End If
.SendUsingAccount = OutApp.Session.Accounts.Item(3)
End With
On Error GoTo 0

'Delete the file you send
Kill FilenameStr

Set OutMail = Nothing
Set OutApp = Nothing

With Application
.ScreenUpdating = True
.EnableEvents = True
End With

MsgBox "PDF add-in Not Installed"
End If

End Sub


Didn't really understand 100% what's happening wrong but having had a
quick look at your code this:


would suggest that you're exporting only the activesheet and i didn't
see there any loops going through all of the sheets of the wb.
Not sure if i go that right but something you might wanna look at.


Thanks, I assumed the code below was all I needed, to then PDF

Sourcewb.Sheets(Array("SheetA", "SheetB")).Copy
Set TempWb = ActiveWorkbook

Not sure how to adjust - ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat to
incorporate the 2 Sheets i.e. SheetA & SheetB


What that .copy does is it copies the worksheets of your interest over
to the temp wb.
But this
exports only the Active sheet.
So, what you can do is something along the lines

Dim oneSheet as Worksheet
For each oneSheet in TempWb.Worksheets
Next oneSheet

This then will loop through all the sheets in that tempwb and will
export those to pdf.
I don't know how your .pdf driver is set up but the above loop will
export each sheet as a separate .pdf file - perhaps that's what you


Thanks for your reply, ideally I would want each sheet to be a new
page on the PDF file


I'm not that good at automating .pdf from excel and when i had to do
something like that i was saving each .pdf as separate files (what
your current code would do) and then combining them together from
within Excel by automating the .pdf as oppose to writing all the
sheets into a single .pdf to begin with.
You can try googling 'automate pdf excel' or something similar.
Unfortuanatelly i haven't saved that code of mine and currently my pc
doesn't have any .pdf autmation installed and hence i can't even try
replicating it for you...

When you do it manually - i.e., when you manually create a pdf from
within your excel - can you actually get all the sheets into a
single .pdf file? If so, then try recording macro while doing that and
then edit as necessary.

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