Mail Merge with Word


Roger Bell

I have recently upgraded from Access 2003 to 2007. In Access 2003 I could
use a Parameter Query to list specific helpers in the Data Base and then
Export the Data to "Microsoft Word Merge(*.Txt)" and then open Word and set
up the Merge.

When I try this in Access 2007 using the Export-Merge it with Microsoft
Office Word, I keep getting error messages that says it cannot link to the
data source.

I have tried to export to a TXT file, but Word will not execute a merge with
the txt file.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Roger,

There are certain circomstances when certain queries won't let them selves
be used as a source for a merge. Don't ask me why because if i would know I
would have told you ;-)

Try this as a workaround:

Create a maketable query and use that table as the source for you merge.
Tables seem to have less trouble being the source for the merge.



I've also noted that using an * (wildcard) in the query criteria cuaes such

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