Mail Merge Prompt for each mail and HTML problem



I have seen the same question asked and answered a bunch of times on this
forum. The question of how to avoid the prompt for each mail you want to send
in a mail merge. The solution is to turn the message format to HTML. (Sue
Mosher suggests this every time which makes her a great time saver)

However, my problem is that I used to always send mail merges with Outlook
2003 without a problem. I would select HTML in the dropdownbox right before
sending. The counter would start running at the bottom and all 500 mails
would be sent. Now all of a sudden it no longer sends the mails. There is no
message or indication that the mails are not being sent. I just know they are
not because they do not show up in my 'sent items'. What also gave it away
was the fact that the counter at the bottom moves way too fast (much faster
than when it still worked). I also double-checked by including myself in the
mail merge and didn't receive the message.

The alternative is to send the mails without the text being formatted (no
choosing HTML in teh dropdownbox). But this brings me the problem of the
prompt for each message. Just like all others, I do not want to have to click
'yes' 500 times.

My question is:

How is it possible that from one day to the other I am all of a sudden no
longer able to send the mail merge with the HTML option?

and more importantly...

What can i do (what setting can I change?) to get rid of this problem and
start sending my mails again using mail merge?

I never changed my version of Outlook or anything. I also didn't change any
settings (at least, not that I am aware of). Now I always have to run to my
colleague's computer to do the mail merge (it still works on his with no
problem), which requires his workaholic-behind to not be there...;)

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

have a great day!




Roady [MVP]

Do you have a virus scanner installed which integrates itself with Outlook?
Uninstall this integration part of your virus scanner and try again; you'd
still be sufficiently protected by your on-access scanner part of the virus
scanner. For more details see;

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