Mail Merge Problem



One of my clerks has a mail merge document set up that has a table with one
row and 19 columns across. What she does is when she gets a new client, she
opsns this document, clicks on "mail merge recipients" and types in the
clients info. She then has a envelope mail merge document and a labels mail
merge document that she opens up and the info she's typed in once gets
transferred into these documents to creat labels and envelopes for this
client. She then copies the table in her original mail merge document and
pastes it into our waitlist spreadsheet as the columns are in the same order.
Our problem right now is that when she copies the info over to the waitlist
spreadsheet, it's merging rows. So for all the columns where we've copied
info, it's merging two rows for one client's info. Does anyone know why it's
doing this and how to fix it?




Hi Shannan,

Surely the most efficient approach would be to input the data directly into the relevant Excel workbook at the outset. Having done
that, close the workbook and start the mailmerge session. That way, there's no copying & pasting. Indeed, the current process
suggests maybe the mergefields in the mailmerge main document are being overtyped and perhaps (even worse) some of the table cells
are ending up with manual line feeds or paragraph breaks. That would explain the multi-row outcome when pasting into Excel.

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