mail merge please help



I want to do a mail merge.
For this, each line of the address is supposed to be on one line of Excel
(e.g address 1, address 2).
However, the entire address for each (person to be mailed) has been put in
one cell, on one row.
Is there a way to do a mailmerge or do I need to put each line of the
address into a different row? IF so, how can I do this without wading
through every single line?
Most of the addresses have commas between the line of address, eg Richard
Hart, 2 Letsby Avenue, .. if that helps.



Gord Dibben

Try Data>Text to Columns delimited by Comma and see what you get.

Elements of the addresses go into separate columns with a title like

Name Address City State Zip

See these sites for help on mailmerge in Word with Excel as data source.

Note.........if you give your table a defined name you don't have to have
the worksheet first in the workbook.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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