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I would like to download from a web site up to 15 years of import-export
trade data for more than 200 countries with roughly four dozen Customs
districts in the United States.

From there, I would like to run a macro that, in addition to some
calculations and text replacement, could open either separte worksheets for
distinct pieces of the data or preferably separate spreadsheets for the same
distinct data.

Is this possible?

For example, Anchorage's exports from Angola and the other countries from
1992 to 2007, followed by Boston's with all those countries for each year and
Detroit's, etc. I would envison the Customs districts (cities) in columns
across the top, with the 15 years of data, and the countries in rows down the

We would want to do the same thing with imports. (We download the imports
and exports separately and paste into one document.) So another, roughly 600

We would then combin the two (for total trade) and subtract imports from
exports (for surplus/(deficit)). Each is another 600 columns.

We can transpose the data, if need be, before doing total trade and
surplus/(deficit). It seems to me there is greater limitations on columns
than rows.

There are some additional fields for dollar change and percent change,
ranking, etc.

Question: Can a macro pull all of the Angola information and create either a
worksheet or spreadhseet with just Angola information -- e.g., Angola's trade
with the four dozen U.S. Customs districts for all those years? And, somewhat
similarly, do this for each country. In other words, do this for Anchorage's
trade with Angola and other 200-plus nations, for the 15-year stretch?

Sorry this is a little long but I wanted to be pretty clear.




Douglas J. Steele

This newsgroup is for questions about macros in Access, the database product
that's part of Office Professional. Macros in Access bear no resemblance to
macros in Excel.

I'd recommend reposting your question to a newsgroup that relates to Excel.

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