Machine boots into Administrator account regardless of secure logo



I just installed Windows XP with SP2 on a laptop and created a limited
account (password protected) along with password protecting the Administrator
account. I want to use Secure Logon, so I went into Control Panel (Classic
View) | User Accounts and clicked on "Change the way users log on or off" and
unchecked "Use the Welcome Screen." However, whenever I boot, instead of
getting the Windows logon prompt, I boot directly into Administrator (without
a password challenge). Not good.

I also run another XP machine with SP2, a desktop, and noticed that when I
go into Control Panel (Classic View) | User Accounts, that machine shows 2
tabs: Users and Advanced with a "Secure Logon" checkbox at the bottom. The
screen I get on the laptop (my new installation), has the new XP look and
feel. I like the Classic: how do I change from new to Classic?

Thanks in advance!



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